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Rio de Janeiro Law Firm

Established in 1996, ALVES JACOB ADVOGADOS is expert with legal services for non brazilians. We represent individuals, companies and law firms from all over the world.Our law office has demonstrated a firm and enduring record which emphasizes teamwork and a commitment to excellence with our non Brazilians clients and associated law offices. The goal of our law firm is to provide cost-effective legal services that combine our tradition of commitment to service with the latest innovations in the practice of law, we are very proud that is a key reason for our success. ALVES JACOB ADVOGADOS has a long and distinguished tradition of service to clients in Brazil. Our reputation is our most valued asset.

Mr. Jacob concentrates his practice in legal services for non Brazilians. He represents individuals, companies and law firms from all over the world. He has been legal advisor in a famous Brazilian TV program. During law school, he was assistant in many law firms in Brazil. He has authored several published articles in Brazilian Law.Mr Jacob regularly attends in seminars and lectures on immigration, business law, family law and real estate law and speaks in "International Bar Association " annual conferences around the world.
Bar Admissions-Certifield diplomate liability attorney by Brazilian Bar Association.
Education-Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC-RJ) B.A. with honors,1996; Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC/RJ) J.D. International Law School 2001; Supreme School of Law, J.D.2002; Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV/RJ) J.D. Business Law School 2003.
Alessandro Jacob completed his LLB Bachelor of Laws in Brazil in 1996. He has worked in Brazil since January 1997. He advises in relation to general legal matters including Immigration, Commercial, Family Law, Real State and advising investors on doing business in Rio de Brazil and employment issues.
Alessandro's recent work includes:
Recent experience:
Assisted in renegotiating terms of exclusive commercial agency agreements and local restructure of the entity. Advising in relation to local employment and contracting matters.
Preparing due diligence report.
• Regular drafting and negotiating of various documentation and agreements, including shareholders agreements, company resolutions and minutes, powers of attorney, and assignment agreements.

Brazilian Bar Association/RJ-128041
International Bar Association-IBA-1008212
American Bar Association-ABA-01537008
Languages-English, Portuguese, French and Spanish
Immigration Law and Naturalization
Immigration visa to Brazil will be granted only to applicants who satisfy the special requirements established by the Brazilian National Immigration Council or the Ministry of Labor. In principle, there are seven cases in which a foreigner can obtain a permanent residence visa to Brazil:
Marriage to a Brazilian citizen
A permanent residence visa is granted to foreigners married to Brazilian citizens.

A foreigner who intends to remain permanently in Brazil and will invest foreign funds in productive activities, so absorbing or training specialized labor. This category was planned for those foreigners who wish to invest funds (minimum of R$ 150.000 Brazilian reais) in any kind of productive activity in Brazil.
Foreigner with Brazilian offspring
This case is covered by a resolution of the National Immigration Council. A permanent visa is traditionally granted to the foreign parent or parents of a Brazilian child. The offspring should be economically dependent on the foreign mother or father and be under the guardianship of the applicant.
-Brazilian Nationality - You can apply to live as Brazilians.

• Filing for the Foreigner Brazilian Tax Id Card or CPF, which is the only mandatory document for real estate purchases in Brazil;
• Drafting and reviewing the purchase and sale contract, in order to make sure that his or her client's rights are protected in writing;
• Execution and/or representation on the purchase and sale contract;
• Title Search, which is the process where the attorney attest that the property's title is 100% clean and free of liens;
• Coordination of the money transfer process, in order to be legal and to obey Federal and International Money Laundering Regulations;
• Representation on closing;
• Managerial powers by which the foreigner could give attorney the power to be represented, thus eliminating the necessity of personal appearances for any and/or all acts for purchase;
• Immigration and Tax advise.

International Divorce-Our Law Firm will initiate the process in Brazilian Justice to terminate your marriage.
Wills-Our Law Firm drafts wills, and registers them with the notary office.
Child Support-Our Law Firm initiates the process in Brazilian justice for Brazilians and foreigners.
International Adoptions- Brazilians babies are very lovely and friendly. Our Law Firm follows entire process in Brazilian justice and the habilitation for foreigners residing or domiciled out of the Brazilian territory.

We represent clients with the establishment of companies. We assist our clients in contracts, negotiations and related matters, transfers through the Brazilian Central Bank; Preparation and submission of applications for foreign capital registration with the Central Bank of Brazil that our law firm is agency. The Law 4131/62 defines foreign capital as “any goods, machinery, equipment, cash and financial resources that enter Brazil for the production of goods or services, or for investment in economic activities, provided that in either case they belong to individuals or legal entities resident, domiciled or headquartered abroad”.

The entity in charge of the registering, monitoring and following up on foreign investments is the Brazilian Central Bank, while the Federal Revenue Secretariat is encumbered with the eventual taxation of these foreign investments. Also, foreign investors must translate their foreign currencies into Brazilian currency by entering into a foreign exchange contract with .Foreign investments in Brazil are usually made through the incorporation of a company, the opening of a branch or subsidiary, or through direct investments on the capital or financial markets, among others. Foreign capital is granted equal treatment to domestic capital and the Law prohibits any discrimination unless expressly prescribed.

Our Law Firm initiates the registration of your product or brand. We assist clients with the entire process in INPI which is located in Rio de Janeiro.

Our Law Firm makes all kind of personal or company investigations in Brazil, Localization of People, files of legal documents and Companies.

For the past 10 years, Our Law Firm is nationally recognized criminal trial expertise. In that time we have successfully represented individuals charged with a wide range of crimes. We have the experience and skill necessary to provide clients with a vigorous and effective defense in the Brazilian courts. We are ready to handle any criminal cases such as: Drug Crimes, Traffic Violations, White Collar Crimes, Juvenile Crimes, assault, car and Truck Accidents, Criminal Defense and others.

Brazilian Bar Association/RJ-128.041
International Bar Association-1008212
American Bar Association-01537008

Rua Domingos Ferreira n°147 /1401- Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Phone: (55-21)3816-8723
Mob/Cel: (55-21)8105-1111
Fax: (55-21)2547-5977

Send an e-mail: alessandro@alvesjacob.com

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